This Cloud has many silver linings!

  Cloud-based Human Capital Management Software Here are the many benefits of moving your Human Resource Management Software to the cloud: Flexibility: If your needs increase, it is easy to scale up your cloud capacity. Likewise, if you need to… Continue Reading →

TIME is MONEY. Track it!

In an organization it is important to understand how time is spent, on which project and by who. It is a sheet of pre-formatted fields in which daily tasks performed by each employee are filled in their individual sheets. This… Continue Reading →

EMPLOYEE INDUCTION – 1st step of welcoming new employees!

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” An employee’s induction process is often what makes or breaks his experience at a company. Employee Induction is the first step of welcoming new employees to the company… Continue Reading →

Training employees – Because they are worth it!

An experienced soldier works hard during training, because he knows that the more you sweat during training the less you bleed during war. This same adage goes for employees – the better an employee is trained, the more professional will… Continue Reading →


Employee satisfaction needs to be the most measurable parameter in an organization. At any given time, HR must have an accurate idea of how satisfied or happy an employee is with their job and the work ethos. Employees become a… Continue Reading →

We Need An Intelligent HR Automation Tool

An intelligent Human Resource Management automation solution comes with inbuilt capabilities to analyze complex business scenarios and provides appropriate solutions. Such tools use its machine learning competencies to learn diverse circumstances and create new capabilities to manage them. In the… Continue Reading →

Best Ways to Manage Leave and Attendance

For an HR manager today, the most frequently sought employee discipline challenge is managing leave and excessive leave problems. In a recent global leave survey among 800 organizations, 10 percent of those who responded, reported that leave abuse was their… Continue Reading →

Five Emerging Trends in HR, Talent and Learning Strategies

As the global economy continues to recover, technology continues to change and demographics continues to shift. This has been constantly driving the HR scenario and people culture, making it more complex. Deloitte has recently published a report on emerging HR… Continue Reading →

Simplify HR to Address Compliance Challenge

Being a transitional economy in India, we are placed rightly on a trajectory of growth with a combined impact of governmental reforms, strong focus on inflation and support of benign global commodity prices. In such an evolving marketplace, SMEs that… Continue Reading →

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