Rock On!!

Employee recognition is fast becoming a key strategic aspect to businesses with an aim to flourish and prosper. Keeping employees engaged and appreciated is an understanding employers now identify as a crucial component of developing a positive impact both within… Continue Reading →

In The Company of Ethos

Ethics is associated with a Greek-rooted word, ethos. Loosely translated, it is a reference to issues surrounding the character, customs, and matters of behavior. Occasionally, morality is used to describe how people act, while ethics is used to define the… Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day with PeopleWorks

PeopleWorks honored and celebrated their women workforce by gifting them a poster, a rose and a lifesize print of their personal photograph. The menfolk performed and waxed eloquent about the influence of women in their lives. On International Women’s Day… Continue Reading →

The Wonderland of Employment

The Elusive Four Words It’s an awesome deal if you get back home from work every day and before you can sink into a couch, you might yell gleefully “I Love My Job!” Hard to imagine, but it is possible…. Continue Reading →

Effective Team Management Endorses Talent Contract

“People want to know that they really matter. And they want to be treated as people. That’s the new talent contract” –  Pamela Stroke “We are a Team” For a team manager to effectively execute work outputs, he needs to… Continue Reading →

Optimising Recruitment for an Evergreen Future

The Proof Is In the Pudding Hiring is a serious business for companies and it goes without saying that an employer must be doubly careful before hiring. Recruiting a candidate is profitable only when it is the right choice. Hence,… Continue Reading →

Does Familiarity Always Breed Contempt?

 Not always. Familiarity breeds comfort in the case of User Interface (UI). An interface being intuitive is a greatly spoken aspect of Interface Design, and designers strive hard to get there. What does intuitive really connote? It just means “I… Continue Reading →

Measure | Determine | Predict Work Excellence Through Competency Assessment

Can We Define and Measure Work Excellence? Every organization has a unique business goal and hence a variable yardstick for measuring excellence. This quantifiable assessment yields evaluation and criteria for training and improvement and at times input for role enhancement…. Continue Reading →

Life In The Fast Lane

Always On The Road The spread of globalization has transformed worldwide travel from a rare luxury into a frequent norm. T&E management is a major focus area for companies, especially in view of the recent economic downturn and increasingly strict regulation on… Continue Reading →

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