The role of Employee Self Service tool in HR

Employees across various industries rely highly on the HRs for any kind of permissions or queries. HRs are constantly being tested to provide employee service quickly because of advances in technology. Organizations have taken a step towards easing HR’s tasks… Continue Reading →

Go beyond perks and tips to engage your workforce

Organizations usually reward employees by providing them with benefits such as small perks, incentives or promotions. These are for sure some of the best practices taken by organizations to ensure that the workforce is content. Sometimes, workforce retention can be… Continue Reading →

Eliminate the hassles of leave management to focus on employee growth

Leave management is the process where employees request for leave and wait for the approval/denial of the same. In most organizations, it is the HR department that deal with the leave management process This process can be a very complex… Continue Reading →

Employee Transfer Management – HR Concepts

Employee transfer is the most important part of an organization which allows the company to shift, the employee from one department to the other. This process is usually a horizontal movement in an organization where there is no change in… Continue Reading →

What HR can learn from Customer Service?

When you look inside most HR departments you would find that they are busy doing transactions or clarifying issues around transactions. This is true to varying degrees in organizations of all sizes. So when you decide to implement an HR… Continue Reading →

Travel & expense Management – Ignore at your own Risk

After people get employed, show up for work the next thing they do is they spend. They spend on variety of things like stationery, capital purchases, and operational expenses and so on. Most financial systems are built to take care… Continue Reading →

Chasing innovation – one idea at a time

Kaizen means “change for better”, however in popular management science it’s known as “Continuous Improvement”. This concept first used by Japanese industries in the post world war II era and later popularised by the Toyota Way has now become part… Continue Reading →

Flexible Benefits & You – How to make it work

As Indian corporations brace to manage multi-generational workforce, one of the key challenge is managing different expectations that arise out of different needs. Each person depending on their life stage and generation would expect different things from organization. More and… Continue Reading →

What story your organization structure tells

Many of us are familiar with the organization structure which we put together by putting either functions or individuals in a box and showing the connections between them. Many a times simple organization charts created using MS office or similar… Continue Reading →

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