Talent Sourcing – New Rules Of The Game

Talent sourcing remains one of the key challenges for employers across the country as employers find it difficult to spot the right talent, and this is likely to be a serious impediment to Corporate India .  India is one of the fastest… Continue Reading →

Leave Management Solution – Do not leave it!

Ramesh works as an Analyst in a technology company. His brother Suresh works as a Sales Manager in a Pharma company. One Friday morning, they got a call from their family that their father was critically ill and they needed… Continue Reading →

Tracking Time Made Easier With PeopleWorks Timesheet Module

Organizations have been using timesheets to efficiently monitor employees’ time, to effectively measure their productivity and to provide a means to track time for payroll, billing and project management. Timesheet has to be simple to use so that employees can… Continue Reading →

How good are you at HR planning?

In the war for top talent, manpower resource planning is the war room of every HR in an organization. Manpower Resource Planning helps the management determine how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower… Continue Reading →

The Ex-employee Portal joins the HCM family!

Employees are the cogs around which the gears of business turn. It is important to ensure employee engagement during their tenure with the organization. It is equally important to ensure easy exit of employees, upon separation. A happily exited employee… Continue Reading →

10 simple steps to set up Payroll for today’s businesses

There has been a revolution in most areas of business management brought out by the increasing automation of key administrative functions. Professionals across the board have shifted focus from task management to value-based contributions. More recently, the shift of focus has… Continue Reading →

PeopleWorks Sets The Benchmark For User Experience

A looming talent shortage and a young changing workface are the two main challenges facing HR Managers today. A scarcity of talented workforce, means market opportunities are lost and strategic growth plans have to be put on hold.. For many… Continue Reading →

HCM joins the User Experience revolution!

Today, software solutions are at a threshold moment in time. Its role of simply enabling business is not enough; solutions must also drive and fuel emerging digital technologies such as mobile channels, social networking tools and business analytics along with… Continue Reading →

This Cloud has many silver linings!

  Cloud-based Human Capital Management Software Here are the many benefits of moving your Human Resource Management Software to the cloud: Flexibility: If your needs increase, it is easy to scale up your cloud capacity. Likewise, if you need to… Continue Reading →

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