Why process Payroll with the PeopleWorks Advantage?

Be it a passionate salesman or an ambitious accountant, at the month end all professionals need money to support their living. Thus Payroll is arguably one of the most important processes for an employer. Even concepts like Employee Engagement, Motivation… Continue Reading →

Why automate Attendance/Leave Management?

For any business enterprise, the cost of absenteeism may sometimes exceed the cost of wages and benefits paid for during the absence. This is due to the indirect costs of re-staffing, rescheduling, re-training, lost productivity and diminished moral. The direct… Continue Reading →

How to find the Perfect Match for your Workforce?

With multiple benefits like cost-cutting through digitization to increasing employee productivity, Human Resource Management (HRMS) or Information Systems (HRIS) are becoming the trending topic in the world of Human Resource Management. However the multiplicity of choices available in the booming… Continue Reading →

Why cure the ‘Do-it-Manually’ syndrome?

The simplest answer to that question in the title could be – “Humans are always prone to imperfections and subject to delays as they depend on several external factors. In contrast, Machines are driven by programmed logic and are relentless… Continue Reading →

What’s eating the Indian SMB’s IT Spend pie?

A recent study by the premier management consulting company Zinnov had estimated the Indian Small & Medium Scale Business (SMB) sector to have of 48.8 million enterprises with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.29%. With the SMB… Continue Reading →

When the Cloud is your Umbrella

Suits are either ready-made or custom stitched, but some had always come with a huge bill – Lawsuits. Monthly or annual balance sheet figures even get thrown off sometimes. The recent examples of Sahara Finance, Reliance Power and Kingfisher Airlines tell… Continue Reading →

Advancing attendance from ‘hours clocked’ to ‘hours worked’

All employers would probably agree that Attendance is a very vague term to base your figures of employee productivity. Attendance does not guarantee that the employee is justifying his/her compensation paid. If your employee is not engaged at his/her job… Continue Reading →

How user-friendly is your HR tech’s user-interface?

In one of it’s reports titled ‘HCM Buying Trends in 2013’, Bersin Research by Deloitte had identified a long neglected fact. About 73% of the respondents had voted User Experience to be one of the Top Five Reasons for an… Continue Reading →

The six qualities of the modern HR

Modern HR executives and managers are no longer only concerned with the Human capital of their companies. Over the years, they have undergone functionally transformative changes, turning them into key enablers for business decision making. In the closing quarter of… Continue Reading →

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