The six qualities of the modern HR

Modern HR executives and managers are no longer only concerned with the Human capital of their companies. Over the years, they have undergone functionally transformative changes, turning them into key enablers for business decision making. In the closing quarter of… Continue Reading →

The future of HR technology in India

Cloud and Big Data have proven to be the two most catalytic technology trends of the year worldwide. As a developing nation with second largest Human Capital Potential in the world, the HRM scenario of India has also been transformed… Continue Reading →

Are you an Omniscient HR?

Moved by your plight of micro-managing every aspect of Human Resource Management, chances are that may be God has blessed you with His omniscient powers. You know what’s happening inside the employee’s mind even without them saying or writing a… Continue Reading →

Is your workforce still single or Engaged?

Yes, you read it right. Though the pun was unintended, all we wanted to do was to make you rethink Employee Engagement from an Employer’s or Manager’s perspective. The 2012 Global Workforce Study conducted on 32,000 workers around the world… Continue Reading →

The 5 signs when your business needs an HRMS

In nature, you know when it is autumn. With dried leaves strewn across your driveway or porch, you feel the need for a leaf blower. In such a case, technology would solve an age-old problem as you save a sizeable… Continue Reading →

Employee Satisfaction & Employer’s Vision: It’s all in the metrics

Be it employee satisfaction, absenteeism, employee turnover, employee productivity, organizational performance or any of the multiple HR metrics used, all are connected and interdependent. For example, if we use those same HR metrics we can easily see the simple logic… Continue Reading →

The 5 signs of an HRMS turning Grey

The strategic challenge with 3rd world emergent economies like India is that most of the global technological or commercial trends do not start here. We are rather happy to follow them or join the bandwagon and only reap the benefits…. Continue Reading →

Managing the Mobile Workforce

Cut-throat competition in today’s business scenario and modern technology has transformed the way businesses leveraged their Human Capital. Most essentially it has decentralized the term office as many employees are nowadays working from remote offices located where they need it… Continue Reading →

Employees don’t quit their Companies, they quit their Bosses

A Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the main reason behind people quitting their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Back in India, things are quite similar with one in every four… Continue Reading →

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