Five Emerging Trends in HR, Talent and Learning Strategies

As the global economy continues to recover, technology continues to change and demographics continues to shift. This has been constantly driving the HR scenario and people culture, making it more complex. Deloitte has recently published a report on emerging HR… Continue Reading →

Simplify HR to Address Compliance Challenge

Being a transitional economy in India, we are placed rightly on a trajectory of growth with a combined impact of governmental reforms, strong focus on inflation and support of benign global commodity prices. In such an evolving marketplace, SMEs that… Continue Reading →

Give your HCM the desired Velocity!

Source: Give your HCM the desired Velocity!

Give your HCM the desired Velocity!

It was a chanced meeting that went insightful when we met a senior HR Manager from a leading IT firm. He was huffed and puffed over a dilemma that we believe is commonplace. The HR fraternity fights for the right… Continue Reading →

Learning and Development – The Shifting Reality!

Conventional classroom learners, functionally departmentalised, validation seekers – workforce as we have known so far. Mobile, cross-functional, autodidacts and self-validators – the emerging young workforce. The workforce profile has demonstrated such a tectonic shift; have L & D managers kept… Continue Reading →

HR Automation – the must-follow HR best practice for today’s organizations

People work with people! The HR function is no longer termed as a business support service, rather a core business process.  Unlike other assets that depreciate over time, people have potential to increase in value with the right HR practices…. Continue Reading →

HRMS: Five Myths decoded

    Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software enabled process which helps organizations manage their transactional HR activities and processes in a more efficient way. Though Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are growing at a rapid pace in… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Steps to automate your Human Resource Management

Data-driven decision making

What is it? How to use? Why is it important? More and more companies are unlocking the key to interpreting their business data and understanding their enterprise like never before. Data-driven decision making is defined as “the practice of basing decisions… Continue Reading →

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