Work Delegation – You can’t play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it.

A great conductor carries his players with him Delegating responsibility has multiple benefits. For a leader who has a vision of carrying his/her team forward collectively, suitable work delegation is an important aspect of goal setting for a manager and… Continue Reading →

Innovation 2014 – Integrating Culture with Strategy

  Of Breakfast and Elephants Dancing While setting goals for this year, business owners have been highly inclined towards innovation. Even as technology advances with manic speed, there has been a pause and reflect attitude towards employee welfare and organization… Continue Reading →

Onwards and Upwards with Enterprise Mobility

  Getting Smart! Smart mobile apps and solutions evolved significantly in 2013 and their impact on enterprise gave way to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Mobile) trend. Employees have been supported by mobility while on the move, and productivity has… Continue Reading →

Business Transformation Through HR Innovation- A PeopleWorks’ Perspective

Transforming a business is not an option but a necessity in these changing times. PeopleWorks initiated a discussion with a group of influencers at The Taj Gateway, Bangalore to understand how SMEs and entrepreneurs envisioned the direction of their overall… Continue Reading →

The Power of Productivity

Productivity in a workplace can broadly be categorized forthcoming from two sources, one is the self and the other is the support from the RO or team manager. Work management revolves around the degree of challenges and goals an individual… Continue Reading →

Rock On!!

Employee recognition is fast becoming a key strategic aspect to businesses with an aim to flourish and prosper. Keeping employees engaged and appreciated is an understanding employers now identify as a crucial component of developing a positive impact both within… Continue Reading →

In The Company of Ethos

Ethics is associated with a Greek-rooted word, ethos. Loosely translated, it is a reference to issues surrounding the character, customs, and matters of behavior. Occasionally, morality is used to describe how people act, while ethics is used to define the… Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day with PeopleWorks

PeopleWorks honored and celebrated their women workforce by gifting them a poster, a rose and a lifesize print of their personal photograph. The menfolk performed and waxed eloquent about the influence of women in their lives. On International Women’s Day… Continue Reading →

The Wonderland of Employment

The Elusive Four Words It’s an awesome deal if you get back home from work every day and before you can sink into a couch, you might yell gleefully “I Love My Job!” Hard to imagine, but it is possible…. Continue Reading →

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